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I have fallen in love with this wonderful country, so full of life, love and with equally wild landscape. I am burning with desire to share this incredible and undiscovered experience with you. I want to introduce you to the country and its people. Northern Sweden and Lapland is an amazing landscape with a beautiful wildlife and a rich Swedish and Sami culture - Martine 

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In summer you can cycle, go for walks in the forest where you might just meet a moose. You can go fishing for  salmon, perch,  or pike. Enjoy the prolific bird life, and the midnight sun in this beautiful lake district and appreciate the sounds of silence.

Enjoy home-baked our little local Railway café, with an atmosphere that exudes the 1940’s .We regularly hold cultural events. We have had everything from opera singers, jazz pianists to rock and roll bands, world class artists.

We bought our first villa because we wanted a place that was affordable for the average family to come and holiday and to enjoy all that this incredible place has to offer. As a destination the region is the best kept secret!

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Reindeer in our field.JPG

You probably know the region for its winter activities, Northern Lights, skiing, ice fishing, dog Sledding, driving on ice but that is just the icing on the cake. You can wild swim in the summer or ice-dip in winter. it is the only region along the Arctic circle where there are hot summers because of the gulf steam, The Accessible Arctic! We are perfectly situated for many activities and attractions in the region and area.

Why not workout at the gym above the café.

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The Sami people say that we have 8 seasons and there is something magical about them all. The weather ranges from minus 30 degrees C in winter to plus 30 C in summer.

 You  can buy your supplies  from  the village shop run by Jan & Olov, their family have been serving the community for 4 generations. 


We look forward to welcoming you

Lars & Martine  

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